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A whole systems approach to spatial design




A self sufficient farm integrated into its natural habitat and a passive architecture home.
Hosur, Tamilnadu, INDIA

CATEGORY: Ingrated Site based Architecture, Whole Systems Farming, Natural Resource Management

easter sidea.jpg

A 3.5 Acre riverside property, lush and serene, is invaluable to the balance of the region and when a home is planned as habitat, the abundance of the land increases and nature becomes a friend.

A holistic integration of a human home and farm into a slice of natural perfection, beside the river and amidst the biodiversity

stepped plantera.jpg

Straddling the MANMADE and the NATURAL, we integrated a home, a farm and all its functionality into the site

mango tree 1.jpg

We designed the home as a womb within the site, with much of the land being left as is. Walkways and planting, both planned and natural, weave together to create a WHOLESOME space. The natural contour was left intact leaving room for the monsoon river to express its spate, monkeys to roam wild and the occasional elephant to pass through.

The built components were designed to be constructucted with natural materials and we adopted a form of plantitecture where natural living elements add strength and security to the built form.

Courtyards, water bodies, party spaces flowed seamlessly with the existing inhabitants, and the resulting structure visually merged with the surroundings.


souther side1.jpg

environmental planning and architecture
Nisha Mary Poulose

structural engineering
Mathew Poulose


Private Individual

phase 1: 1.88 Acre
phase 2: 1.71 Acre


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