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designing for systemic transformations



We are strategic designers of regenerative systems which bring business together with infrastructure to create whole systems.

We look at contexts to innovate specific business models that suit the land, the people and the planet in its entirety.

Nature based solutions, plus regenerative, de-centralised systems for water, food, energy, shelter, well being, economy and personal growth have incredible potential for climate positive settlements and we have the expertise to design and implement these


Woven Design Collaborative is a global regenerative design and planning firm firm that has an inter-disciplinary and holistic approach to developing habitat and infrastructure.

Our Services include: Bio-regional transformation through strategic vision development and and cross-sectoral implementation of Architecture, Urban Planning, Rural Development, and Community Development and Nature-Based Infrastructure.


Nisha Mary Poulose is an award-winning architect and regional planner whose career at the confluence of architecture, urbanism, planning and the environment now spans 9 years and 3 countries.

She founded the company with the vision to change the way habitat is designed. Her work is directed by a holistic perspective of design, social issues and sustainability.

Addl. Co-Convener- INTACH Anegundi Hampi
Ex-Urban Planner- Government of Karnataka
Erasmus Mundus Scholar- Mundus Urbano,

(MSc. International Cooperation in Urban Development-

Technishe Universitat Darmstadt, Germany;
MSc. Urbanism, Habitat and International Cooperation-

Universite Pierre Mendes, Grenoble, France)


Founder, Technical Lead

Woven Design Collaborative is a constellation of people who dedicate their lives to birthing a co-created world where all life thrives, together. We do this by facilitating synergy between change-makers from different sectors, mobilising whole-systems thinking to tackle complex problems with clarity, and pushing or bridging conventional boundaries to yield mutually-beneficial outcomes that, previously, seemed unfathomable.

As a planning and design firm, every project we undertake is grounded in the paradigm of regeneration - which goes beyond the paradigm of sustainability, which is focused on minimising negative externalities, and actively enhances the health of any given ecosystem, infrastructure or organisation - holistically.

We know that the answers to the intersectional ecological, economic, health, and education crises already exist. What is often missing in today’s modernity dominated landscape is the strategic convening of the most appropriate actors, resources, and knowledge for a given problem and place - which almost always lies dormant within the Indigenous, marginalised and vulnerable communities.

What if we could harness this potential, hybridise it with the best practices and field experts, and facilitate authentic co-creation among all stakeholders? It is this regenerative innovation that lies at the heart of our practice, and that we firmly believe will change the course of our civilization from collapse, to abundance.

Our Partner Organisations



Sultanate of Oman

Oman Think Urban is a non-profit, reference platform for human centered Urban Planning and Design, based in the Sultanate of Oman. The organization strives to provide a learning platform to explore and experiment with ethnographic research methods that can inform urban and regional spatial planning projects in Oman through community engagement and empowerment.

Woven Design Collaboration and Oman Think Urban are collaborating to jointly develop processes and tools at the confluence of ethnography and spatial planning.


GLOBUS - The Global Urban Studies Institute – is a research, education and development planning institute based in Berlin. It incorporates the heritage of the former PAR institute at Darmstadt University of Technology, dedicated on socio-spatial development in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Woven Design Collaboration is part of the international and multi-disciplinary network of GLOBUS and the 2 organisations are exploring cooperation on urban projects.



Kerala, India

KONSTRUCT is a structural design and engineering firm based out of Kerala. They have strong perspectives on design and sustainable design. 

Woven Design Collaborative and Konstruct work together to undertake design and turnkey projects that explore sustainable built systems through the combined understanding of architecture and engineering.


Shehla Hussain


Research and Ethnography Lead

Shehla has over 9 years’ experience in Urban Planning and Design Research. With an M. Arch from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, her career has been shaped by her expertise in user centred research and analytical thinking. She is an artist, a musician and a mother, and seeks to hone her ongoing journey in imbibing ethnographic, human centric and environmentally respectful approaches in the practices of urban planning and architecture.



Regenerative Business Strategist

Marshall Romero comes from a business and political science background and has a deep understanding of living systems and regenerative business models. He is based in the US and is our living systems facilitator and regenerative business developer.

His work is informed by his desire to elevate human consciousness, and his indigenous connection to the Olmecs and their influence on Nayarit/Jalisco Mexico



Urban Designer

Reshma Is an architect and urban design expert specialised in public space design.She comes with a balanced perspective and extensive experience in designing and managing large scale spatial planning and design projects.



Environmental Planner and Sustainability Expert

Vuk is a landscape architect with extensive experience in research, project development, monitoring sustainable development and climate change adaptation. His masters in urban development and regional planning, and his understanding of natural systems enables him to build resilience into communities and settlements in both urban and rural contexts.

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